I hope that you are having a great Advent Season and ready to celebrate the arrival of the Messiah. We had a great Explosion event, and we are now working toward TNT @ TNU March 31April 2. In this email, you will have  A LOT of TNT info. If you have any questions about TNT or any of the information in this email, please send an email to Jake Beard, his info is on the attached forms. ALL PAYMENT IS DUE WITH THE REGISTRATION BY JAN 28TH, 2022
1. You will find the TNT @ TNU Registration Form attached to this email. Those must be printed and filled out; Signed and Notarized; mailed to Jake Beard. YOUR STUDENTS SHOULD ONLY SIGN UP FOR THE CATEGORIES THAT THEY WON 1ST PLACE AT EXPLOSION. IF SELECTED FOR A SPORTS TEAM, YOU STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN 2 BRACKETED EVENTS. There are specific instructions on how to do this. Each of the students selected to a sports should have been contacted by their coach (if not, please let Jake know). 
2. In addition to the TNT Registration form, you will need to sign and notarize the annual ET NYI Photo/Video and Medical Release form. This form will cover all ET District NYI Events for the year 2022.  These forms are also attached. 
3. Parent rooms are noted on the hotel breakdown. You need to know that a parent room price is per night and does not include anything else in addition the room alone. You will need to pay for all of your meals and will not have a ticket into the opening and closing ceremonies. It is our recommendation that you register as a full participant at TNT. You will have a meal pass, breakfast, sit with your student during opening and closing ceremony, swag, and any other features of the event. 
4. A rooming list is attached. Each church is responsible for filling their rooms. If a church cannot fill a room, you must pay the corresponding cost. If you are willing to have the district fill those rooms with students from other churches, please indicate that on your rooming list, otherwise, you will be required to pay the cost per student that is in the room. See attached forms for breakdown. 
5. A list of Open Categories are below. These events we left open at Explosion and did not have any participation. These will be filled by a first come first served basis. YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL TO JAKE BEARD TO RESERVE ONE OF THESE SPOTS. If spots open on sports teams, the coach will be looking to fill those spots. 
Open Categories are as follows:
Ins. Music:
EY – Instrumental Group
SY – Brass Solo
SY – Strings Solo
SY – Percussion Solo
Creative Min:
SY – Dramatic Monologue
SY + EY – Dramatic Group
SY + EY – Human Video Solo
EY – Human Video Group
EY – Inter. Worship Group
SY – Male Vocal Solo
EY – Vocal Duet
EY – Vocal Small Group
SY + EY – Vocal Ensemble
Vocal Choir
EY – Singer/Songwriter
EY – Worship Band
SY + EY – Oral Interpretation
SY + EY – Orig. Oratory
Questions should be directed to Jake Beard

EXPLOSION Registration

If you have any questions please reach out to Pastor Jake Beard at or the Estill Springs Church office at 931-649-3967. Keep copies of ALL of your churches registration forms.

Updates to teams/groups/t-shirts can be done via email. DO NOT RESUBMIT A NEW FORM.

EXPLOSION Submission Forms

If you have questions about entering a submission form. Please contact Pastor Ryan at or 931-303-2172. Keep a copy of ALL submissions. This is technology and a new system to us.