Payment Plan Options:


 Location: Tampa, FL Dates: July 4-11, 2023

Payment #2 – $550 – postmarked by January 12, 2023
Payment #3 – $625 – postmarked by April 13, 2023

At each due date, please mail one church check and a completed NYC Payment Form (attach to the website) to:
Stephen Morrison

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If you have any questions, contact Stephen Morrison by email at or send a text message to 712-204-2580.

  • Challenges/FAQs:

1. Are we starting too early on payments?
-No, because this gives people more time to make payments and have balance paid in full before due dates.

2. What if I miss a payment?
-That is fine, we will work with you. There will not be a late fee for missing a payment; however, we will ask that you catch up on the next payment.

3. What happens if I start making payments and then I can’t go?
-Any funds paid toward NYC will go to another District event; however, the event must be within the year. You lose anything you don’t use.

4. What if it’s July and I haven’t paid the full $1,000?
-We will work with you on getting payments in, but you will lose entry into the Early Payment Plan Scholarship.

5. What if I want to pay extra?
-You can do that. We will be capping at $1,000 since we are not sure on the full amount of NYC.
-You can only pay in increments of $100. Cannot send in check for $275, it would need to be either $200 or $300.

Any other questions can be sent to us and we will answer to the best of our ability (we are working on getting an email for NYC info only). NYC has not finalized everything yet, but we will keep everyone updated with information.

Scholarship Opportunities:


A. Early Payment Plan: If you choose to participate in the early payment plan, you will be entered into a drawing to have half of your registration fees paid—if you have not paid the full $1,000 by July you will forfeit your entry into this scholarship.

B. Best t-shirt design: Once NYC registration deadline is up, we will have anyone who would like to submit a t-shirt design to be featured on one of the t-shirts we will wear to NYC. Whoever has the best design will win a scholarship to have full registration fees paid.

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